Should I wear cufflinks?

Where Should You wear cufflinks?

Good question.

We’re going to run you through some basics of when you should and should not wear your cufflinks.

First of all.  It’s always good practice to remember that: “When in doubt, overdress.”
But even the overdressed feel out of place in the wrong kind of setting.  It’s always best to just ask.  Call a friend.  “Hey Bill, what’s the dress code for tonight” .. Bill: “Business Dress” .. You: “Are you wearing cufflinks?”
Don’t be shy.  That’s all I’m saying.

Here’s the deal.  In this world of fashion, there isn’t a real RIGHT or WRONG answer.  However in the world of business, there are some formal requirements.

If you are a banker, you’re already privy on dress code in office.  It may require that you wear a suit and tie, but can remove the jacket while working.  In this case it wouldn’t be
poor etiquette to leave the cufflinks at home.  However, if you are a banker, and you win an award and going to a ceremony .  Put on a tie, with a matching square, and of course a pair of dressy cufflinks.

Let’s look at social gatherings:

Weddings, Formal Dinners, Aristocratic Parties (governors balls etc.)

This once again needs to be metered by the level of dress you need to display.
If it’s a wedding at the American Legion, wear a suit… cufflinks? not necessary.
If it’s a wedding at the American Embasy, wear the cufflinks.

If it’s a formal dinner at Benihana, wear the tie… cufflinks? eh!  You might feel a little overdressed.
If it’s a formal dinner for Bentley Motors… wear the cufflinks.

Other notable things.  French Cuff Shirts.. kind of a trend.  You kind of have to wear cufflinks cause they don’t have buttons.

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