One button suits

22 March, 2010

These rarities have come back into fashion as a sort of rebellion for the traditionalist 2 and 3 buttoners, and as a final ‘NO’ to the newer 4-button suit jackets. They are retro, Vegas inspired. Miles Davis used to wear 1-button jackets religiously, and in fact, designed his own jackets with the help of  a New York tailor. These jackets require confidence and a level of cool to wear them. They’re not necessarily for the office, either.  They are definitely more of a night on the town type look. Which is cool, if you want to impress anyone that may take a gander your way.

Gio just got in a new line of suits called Red Blue International. And, yep, you guessed it, one of the suits features this chic, newly reincarnated one-button look. It’s pretty sexy.