No one has clothed me in style, like FashionMensWear.com over the last seven years!


Hi Giovanni. The cruise was a blast. I got a ton of compliments on my travel suit. Thanks again!


I definitely have to say I love fashionmenswear.com. You guys have one of the best shoe collections around. The Fiesso shoes are the best by far.


I am very very very impressed by my order of Steven Land clothes. I will be ordering a number of new ties and shirts from you. I have been buying them off of ebay on a hit or miss type thing. You have a great selection of both. I will make a order for 4 to 10 more items in the next few days. I will no longer have to hunt so hard to find Steven Land. It is my very favorite designer. I cannot thank you enough. You kept me informed when you did not have the shirt and sent everything at one time. I am very impressed and I have found my new clothier.


Hey Mr. Giovanni, This is Irving Campbell , the one who bought the suit and took photos for your web site. You guys were on my mind so I wanted to say hello and give you an update on things. So let me tell you, when I wore the suit for church everyone kept complimenting me on it, so I said “it’s my man Giovanni”. Thank you for the opportunity to model your jackets. Also send my thanks to the camera man for the photos he took, they came out really well. Have a blessed day in the Lord and I will come by and see you soon. God Bless.


Every time I leave Fashion Shoppes Boutique, I feel great!!


Thank you guys for great service and selection with lot’s of love and Spirit!! You guys are the BEST in South Florida!


“Some things you just can’t teach”… No surprise here, since Johnny and I grew up together. Go Gio !!! “TRAZ”


John Marquez has been dressing me from the beginning; I’m his little brother. When we were kids our mother dressed us alike. When going anywhere with her, you had to dress up! It’s just our nature to express ourselves by the clothes we wear. Today, compliments always come my way, when I’m dressed from FSBMens and I always kid around saying,”Look but don’t touch! Ok, you can feel my jacket”. Ah! Nice ha.


Hello Grace, The package showed up on my doorstep, and as always, I love it. You do good work. I guess I should tell you, I am a professional speaker, and I have used you as an example of customer service that exceeds expectations in no less than 50 speeches, one in front of 60 CEOs. You may not be famous in Florida, but you are in Colorado.


You have given an accurate assessment of men’s jewelry. The looks are just right, not too flashy and not looking like Mr. T. I am particularly fond of the metals.


I like your posts. Very informative and interesting to read. Hope to see more updates in the next following days. Keep up the good work.


I love this place. Its so Ocean Ave. People come from all over to shop at this store. Every guy should have at least one outfit to wear some place nice. This is where you will get it.


Gio, saw you on TV last night and Larry said it’s a good thing I didn’t take the job cause you’re on your way to Hollywood! You looked great, now people will be flocking to your store!! And Larry said he’s coming down to buy a suit before you raise the price!


Oh my dear Lord! Incredibly beautiful! Awesome boots Grace. Better than I thought. Thank you so much. However…not here by Saturday, I just received that package. But anyway thank you so much. I will make another order soon. Here’s a kiss….muaxxx.


Much impressed with the NEW Look in your shirt collection.I am lost, not going to shows, with the old boring sport shirts that have been the same for the past 3-4 years. Great job!


I’ve patronized FSB Menswear since 1976. They have the latest styles at reasonable prices and Gio & Grace are experts at helping you choose and coordinate an outfit.


I’m really enjoying the design and layout of your site. It’s a very easy on the eyes which makes it much more pleasant for me to come here and visit more often. Exceptional work!


Giovanni is the Frank Lloyd Wright of men’s clothing & shoes. He travels extensively throughout Europe & Asia bringing back top quality clothing and shoe ideas, concepts, and strategies that make sense in the United States. I have seen him craft a design; then have it made in a far-away port only to have it sell out once it arrives at his physical or on-line store.


This is a good website. I necessarily mean it. You have so very much expertise about this situation and so much enthusiasm. You also know how to make people rally behind it, certainly from the responses. You’ve obtained a style here thats not too flashy, but makes a statement as huge as what you’re declaring. Fantastic task, indeed.


Hi Grace and thanks! And you’ll notice we just decided to go with “2 day” delivery–just to be sure 🙂 My husband LOVES this shirt, but he couldn’t find it in his size in the color that he wanted so we’re glad to have found your site! Thanks for your help. Cheers!


When I first came to FSB I was told when I wear one of Gio’s suits I was going to own the room. I laugh every time I wear one of his suits as everyone compliments me & asks if it was tailor made just for me.


I love these shirts. The tailoring appears to be great. I particularly like the nice crisp collar. Also appears to have a nice relaxed fit.


Hi Mr. President, I love your website. You’ve come a long way and it’s really great. I am coming soon to make some purchases. Thanks for thinking of me as your customer, I really appreciate it and I wish you good luck with your network marketing.


Hi Valerie / Grace, I have received the shirts today in Australia. They are excellent, as expected. Thank you for your excellent service and let me know when the new season arrives – I will be sure to buy plenty more.


Hi Melissa, you’re the best. At Miss Florida this year people kept asking me every night…where do you find your shoes, they are always so different…where you find those great shirts, I have never seen anything like them in the stores! Thank you for being such a great resource for me when I need to make an impression!

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