What Kind of Watch Should I buy?

So you’re in the market for a watch?

You’ve got quite a few tough decisions ahead of you, and I’m here to clear the air on a few common misconceptions, and steer you in the right direction.

First things first.. (hold onto your seats): Cheap watches tell time as good, if not better, than expensive watches.
I know right?  You’re thinking, “I’m headed straight down to MegaMart and getting something for 50 Bucks!  Well, wait a minute, and let’s review a few
different options.

1. A watch is only one of three things: Function, Status, or Investment.

Their prices range from few dollars into the millions.  Their styles range from classic to futuristic, and their functions range from one time zone, to calculators.
My research began with a google search: “why are some watches so expensive?”  and what google gave me was a forum that basically focused on the story of
one swiss watch that takes six months to make and costs $500,000.

This particular watch is handmade, and functions completely on the movement of the arm.  It adjusts automatically for moon changes as well as savings times,
all mechanically with no microchips.  It is also deadly accurate until the year 2100 at which point you (or whomever inherits this watch) will press one button
and it will automatically be accurate for another 100 years.

Pretty impressive, but obviously not in everyones budget.

My next thought was, “but it looks just like every other watch out there…” no one’s going to spot it and say, “Wow, that’s one of those bla bla bla watches from Switzerland!”

Eventually I came across a thread that was for young professionals, and fashion men who were just asking the right questions.

“I wan’t a nice watch for under a thousand that makes me feel confident, what should I get?”
“I wan’t something different, what should I get?”
“I’d like to have it as an heirloom, what should I get?”

And one gentleman who really made sense to me said this:

“Women get their fancy jewelry, and vintage purses.  What do men get?  We get to have a watch.  That’s about it.”

Immediately it all made sense to me. A watch is a sense of entitlement.  It functionally serves a purpose, but most importantly, it
is a reflection of your personality.  And if you are willing to spend a bit more, it will be something that holds it’s value or increases in value
and you can pass it on as an heirloom.

With that said, we’re going to profile three different watch companies:

Issey Miyake Watches
Issey Miyake is a “forward-thinking” watch design firm based in Japan.
They sport some of the sleekest designs in the watch industry.
Their designs are likened to industrial styling of Mac computers.
Priced Between $400-$1520 USDclick here to see full line

Neolog Watches
Neolog watches are a futuristic brand.
Clean and simple industrial design, and digital interfaces.
Priced Between  $165-$515 USDclick here to see full line

H3 Tactical Watches
H3 Tactical Watches define the rugged military watch.
Boasting swiss quartz movements, and a
permanent self illumination system.
Priced Between $240-$750 USD click here to see full line

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