Axxess Shirts

Axxess men's shirts are Italian and French style menswear for the man with a unique sense of style. Axxess shirts come in in a variety of styles, materials and colors with a spread collar and European cut. Thus, invest in a few shirts by Axxess as these fashion shirts come in the most classic and daring styles.Axxess shirts are men's fashion dress shirts with a total devotion to style that will stand out. These High Collar Shirts are all designed in Italy and made in Turkey with the very latest all Egyptian cotton fabrics that have a fashion style combined with quality that Axxess is famous for. You'll find with Axxess shirts that it's all the about the detail and you'll find that these fancy fashion dress shirts have bold fashion details like fancy stitch collars and unique button applications just for looks. Axxess shirts also like to have their way with exciting looking pattern fabrics and colors made of their fine Egyptian cotton because getting noticed is always important to the good people who create and make Axxess shirts. One of the first things that you'll notice with Axxess dress shirts is that they are high collar style dress shirts that may or may not have several buttons at the top of the button placket just for style purposes. They also like to use unique style stitching detail on the collars and fancy cuffs that usually you can wear flipped up because they will have contrasting fabric trim on the under side of the cuffs and as well as contrasting fabric trim on the button placket on the front of the shirt just so people will know that you're wearing a stylish looking Axxess shirt. Full cut/high collar shirts.


Angelino is a Los Angeles-based company an innovative brand renowned for designing stylish and superb quality clothing and accessories for red carpet and events. Angelino offers a wide variety of styles for fashion sport coats, fashion blazers, and fashion suits that will make you stick out and unique from the crowd. Founded by Alex Angelino in 1999, we are proud to be an institution that is shaping fashion and style in America through integrity, inspiration and dedication. Every guy must own a few great looking fashion sport coat that fit like they were made for him. A good sport coat can give you a fresh, intelectual, cool look and is the need for every casual outfit , and can be worn with Jeans or pants. Festive Fashions like these are also perfect for events like Prom, Holiday parties, and New Years Festivities!



Barabas creates a new world of mens fashion by providing innovative use of fits, fabrics, and finishes in denim and other apparel products.What you wear is not only a choice that you make subconsciously but a carefully thought out action, a true philosophy. One's philosophy is not best expressed in words; it is expressed in the choices one makes... and the choices we make are ultimately our responsibility. While many people decide to dress within a particular style, others feel the desire to venture outside the lines and make the choice to meet the needs of their current state of feelings. All that fashion really is a visual expression as to how we choose to express ourselves based off of our surroundings. This could be interpreted as wearing anything and everything, but what makes one person fashionable opposed to someone else is that to be in fashion, one's self is wearing something in current mode. What makes something in current mode? To be current is to know what is happening in the world we live in. The shape of cars and architecture, the sound of music, new advances in technology, and the eco system - these factors contribute to the shape/cut of the garment, the color, pattern and fabric used to create the clothing, and the overall way that it is presented to the consumer market. At BARABAS we bring philosophy and fashion together presenting our view of the world that we surround ourselves in while living out good words, good thoughts, good deeds. The designs varies from modern classic for its sophisticated fits to newest fashion forward colors, material, styles, fits and designs. Our goal is to create a timeless appeal by crafting apparel that can express individuality of each and every our customer. Barabas offers modern fashions in mens shirts and knits.

Bassiri Shirts

Bassiri men’s shirts feature a casual cut and look, hand finished, creating a very smooth drape and fit. Bassiri shirts have developed a party wear reputation from style minded men who favor the geometric designs and patterns that are on these fine silky shirts when it's time to dress casual. You'll find the silky fabric that Bassiri shirts are made from mimic silk in the finest and touch that really sets these party wear shirts apart from lesser brands. That is because Bassiri makes all of their fine silky party wear shirts out of only the softest and finest quality microfiber that gives their casual fashion shirts their beautiful drape. Once you get yourself some Bassiri shirts, it will be hard for you to wear anything less. These Italian men’s shirts will get you noticed, and are made from breathable microfiber fabrics. Therefore, Bassiri shirts will give you a high-end, sharp look with little effort.

Belvedere Shoes

Belvedere men’s dress shoes were made for the man who values the very best. Originating in Florence, Italy and now based in the United States, Italian artisans create beautiful styles of Belvedere men’s shoes that offer a blend of luxury style with premium quality and superior comfort. If you're looking for Belvedere exotic skin shoes, you've come to the right place. You'll cherish every pair You wear of Belvedere Dress Shoes. Belvedere Boots are Exotic skin casual boots made of Crocodile Skin, Alligator Skin and Exotic Lizard skin for the Man who has style that just won't quit The top name in exotic skins is clearly Belvedere. With years of experience, and a line of exotic skins that'll knock your socks off, Belvedere Crocodile shoes are the fashion accessory that will put your style meter over the top. With a full line of alligator shoes and lizard skin shoes as well, there is a variety of exotic skin shoes that Belvedere can provide! FashionMenswear offers a phenomenal selection of exotic skin shoes, handmade by Belvedere, one Italy's top high-fashion designers.Belvedere shoes are hand crafted using high quality materials, including exotic skins such as genuine ostrich, crocodile, lizard, eel and alligator and offers a selection for every man’s taste in designer men’s shoes. Belvedere Shoes is known for genuine exotic leather shoes from responsibly sourced calf, ostrich, eel, crocodile and alligator leather.


BENITANNI is an European luxury fashion powerhouse, founded in 2008, creating very unique limited edition menswear. Since its conception, it has transformed the male wardrobe, bringing a relaxed elegance to men’s clothing. With its collection created entirely in exceptional Italian factories, using the finest local fabrics, quality manufacturing and exclusive trademarked designs, BENITANNI prides itself on an impeccable reputation.The shirts are made in Italy of very soft 97% cotton and 3% spandex, to give you the perfect fit and comfort. Only 100 shirts per design & print have been made, to give you the originality and exclusivity you desire. These shirts are famously rich in details. BENITANNI prints are created to unlock the wearer's vision and personality. Our designs are upbeat and daring making, without a doubt, a statement. BENITANNI wants its shirts to be the symbol of expression, after all, life is too short to wear simple clothes.So walk tall and confident with these beautiful head-turners, and one more thing: "Be Remembered".

Brand Q

Brand Q Formal Accessories, formalwear, bow ties, sets, brooches for men. Accent your special-occasion ensemble with amazing accessories. If you’ve received invitations that say “Black Tie,” be prepared to wear a tux, since this dress code usually means the event is very formal. However, that doesn’t mean you have to dress boring. You can wear a colored tuxedo in either navy, burgundy, or even a tuxedo jacket with a print. What will ground your look is the accessories you wear with it.When it comes to wearing a tuxedo, men need to look dashing and smooth.No matter what event you are wearing a tuxedo to it is really a good idea to look your best. Through the use of accessories, you can boost your appeal in no time.There are many other accessories that you can consider if the event requires it; you can choose lapel flowers, scarves, formal jewelry, pocket squares and more. Just make sure that you never overdo it, that the accessories match your outfit, and that you choose ones that will complement your look.Check out the Brand Q collection at FashionMenswear.com of all types of Accessories for men such as bow ties, ties, lapel pins, etc.


Canaletto by Tiglio

Luxurious suits and sport jackets made from the finest fabrics in the world such as Reda, Vitale Barberis and Guabello. Italian made dress shirts and sports shirts with fabrics from Monti and Canclini. Canaletto is a collection of superbly tailored Italian men's clothing known for its focus on fine cuts and exquisite fabrics. 100% lightweight wool from Zegna Italian cloth collection. Two button front with notch lapels with hand pick stitching. Flap besom convertible pockets with single stick pocket and multiple interior pockets. Tailored fit with a lightly padded shoulder,side vents, and 6" drop. Fully lined jacket and trousers lined to front knee. Flat front pants with french zip fly. Slight tapered 17 inch bottom may differ according to size of suit. Unfinished bottom. 100% pure wool, Made in Italy. Canaletto suits and blazers stems from the amazing designer Tiglio as one of their leading six fashion-forward categories. The Canaletto category is focused on creating luxurious suit and blazer styles in some of the finest fabrics, like REDA, Vitale Barberis and Guabello Wools. These Super 150's suits are available in a nested (6" drop program) or in a 3-piece suit option and come in a variety of patterns from a classic Slate Grey Suit to a fashion-forward Light Blue Windowpane Suit.Options are available in both modern fit and slim fit styles, like this "Porto" Vitale Barberis Grey Windowpane Slim Fit Suit; and have popular, modern and flattering color options to select from. All Canaletto items are made with attention to great detail and of the finest fabrics to assure high-quality, attractive and comfortable garments for the modern day man. Canaletto items are perfect for the office, date night, weddings or parties as they showcase a wide range of color, pattern and style options making it simple to style and wear. The versatility and stylish make of these garments make them great to wear with a dress shirt or t-shirt and be styled with dress shoes or even a fresh pair of sneakers. The possibilities are endless when it comes to styling your outfits using Canaletto garments, and that's just one of the reasons we love them so much.

Carrucci Shoes

Carrucci offers 100% hand-made fine Italian design men's shoes. Carrucci footwear can be found on the urban streets across America to the boardrooms of Wall Street. Carrucci offers a versatile range of styles to fill the wants and needs of the contemporary man. The beautifully crafted oxfords, loafers, buckle closures, and boots found in the collection offer some of the most comfortable dress shoes to be found in today's market place. Designer Shoes by Carrucci, Men's Leather Shoes, Carrucci footwear can be found on the urban streets across America to the boardrooms of Wall Street. Carrucci offers a versatile range of styles to fill the wants and needs of the contemporary man. The beautifully crafted oxfords, loafers, buckle closures, and boots found in the collection offer some of the most comfortable dress shoes to be found in today's market place. Carrucci Footwear has made its mark in fine Gentleman's shoes! This has been accomplished by taking classics and reinventing them with luxurious leathers, a commitment to quality, attention to detail, and a superior fit. Carrucci footwear can be found on the urban streets across America to the boardrooms of Wall Street. Carrucci offers a versatile range of styles to fill the wants and needs of the contemporary man. The beautifully crafted oxfords, loafers, buckle closures, and boots found in the collection offer some of the most comfortable dress shoes to be found in today's market place.


Duca by Matiste Shoes

Duca Men's Shoes - DUCA BY MATISTE® leather footwear and accessories has been manufacturing exceptional quality handmade products since 2004. DUCA BY MATISTE® has become a brand well known around the United States and internationally. DUCA BY MATISTE® products are exclusively handmade in Italy with delicate artisan workmanship who create products with great care for details. The brand thrives on using vibrant colored leathers in creating fashionable products. DUCA BY MATISTE® products are designed for comfort while keeping with the ever changing styles in the fashion industry. Based in Italy and founded in 2004, Duca offers boutique quality, luxury leather shoes for the fashion-forward urban man. Duca di Matiste shoes are hand made leather dress shoes that are made in Italy for men who take who they dress very seriously. You'll find these hand made Italian shoes just have that certain something that makes Italian shoes special. It's a combination of undeniable style that makes these made in Italy shoes an important addition to your wardrobe when you're getting dressed up. One thing that you'll find about Duca di Matiste shoes is that they are full Italian leather featuring full leather linings which you should expect in any fine Italian shoe to a full leather sole and of course a stylish leather upper all confirming that Duca di Matiste shoes will be a brand that you'll want to wear. The styles like wingtips and cap toe styles that are created will most certainly be the very latest that Italian mens shoes have to offer with combinations of colors that are certain to stand out in style.


Enzo Jeans

Enzo denim men’s designer jeans are made for the man who wants to be seen. A revolutionary approach to men’s fashion, no attention to detail is ever spared, only to leave you with the perfect fit with your jeans. Thus, dress sharply and confidently when you put on a pair of Enzo fashion jeans. Enzo jeans have a reinforced, ribbed topstitching combined with the articulating knee panels to provide the Enzo jeans with a cool and edgy look. ENZO JEANS- Euro Lifestyle Apparel. ENZO Jeans is a casual brand designed to inspire. Renowned for its innovative and affordable jeans they address the needs of the contemporary market, ENZO Jeans provokes the style literate, fashion conscious individual with a diversity of on-look trends. A true men's clothing essential, this pair of jeans is an item that no well-dressed gentleman's wardrobe is complete without. Dress to impress in Enzo® men's jeans. A true men's clothing essential, a great pair of men's designer jeans are a must-have. Enzo® jeans are made of the finest quality materials and every detail of the jean is second to none. ENZO jeans are a cool and contemporary take on the modern jean, with a wide range of washes and fit, there's sure to be a style for you. The brand sees their pieces as more than just clothes, they work hard to ensure the ENZO customer can express themselves with this range of standout denim. Enzo addresses the needs of the contemporary market by provoking the style-literate, fashion-conscious individual with a range of current and timeless trends.

Emilio Franco Shoes

EMILIO FRANCO® is a world renowned brand that has been manufacturing exceptional quality footwear since 1980. EMILIO FRANCO® footwear is well known internationally for the use of vibrant leathers and exotic leathers in creating today’s high end styles. EMILIO FRANCO® footwear is manufactured exclusively in Italy with great care to details from start to finish by skillful artisans who continue to use the handmade process for creating footwear. EMILIO FRANCO® footwear is worn today by many musicians, artists, professional sports players and businessmen and women who seek out unique high quality handcrafted footwear. EMILIO FRANCO®...explore your individuality! EMILIO FRANCO® is a world renowned brand that has been manufacturing exceptional quality footwear since 1980. EMILIO FRANCO® footwear is well known internationally for the use of vibrant leathers and exotic leathers in creating today’s high end styles. EMILIO FRANCO® footwear is manufactured exclusively in Italy with great care to details from start to finish by skillful artisans who continue to use the handmade process for creating footwear. EMILIO FRANCO® footwear is worn today by many musicians, artists, professional sports players and businessmen and women who seek out unique high quality handcrafted footwear. EMILIO FRANCO® welcomes you to explore your individuality with our exclusive products! If there is one brand that reflects true Italian artistry and undeniable leather craftsmanship, no one can challenge Emilio Franco - the Italian designer’s namesake fashion label that has been manufacturing luxury quality footwear since 1980. Today, the brand is pursued by those who like fine fashion with a bit of exclusivity and loads of elegance.


Giovanni Marquez

Giovanni Marquez - Importer of Men's Clothing & Footwear
Giovanni Marquez brings you menswear to dress you from head to toe. We are an importer and retailer of fine Italian menswear and footwear that comes straight from Italy to your closet. With clothing and shoes that are made with quality material, you will be walking around in both comfort and style. Not only will you be comfortable, but the material quality is sure to last you a lifetime. Dress for success and shop Giovanni Marquez now. What began 40 years ago with a collection of mens clothing and footwear has grown into an entire world, redefining mens style. Our flagship store FSB, otherwise known as Fashion Shoppes Boutique has always stood for providing high quality products, creating worlds and inviting people to take part in our vision. Since our inception as a national brand importer and designer of fashion men's wear in all varieties as well as in men's shoes, we encourage that our customers of yesterday, today and tomorrow participate in that lifestyle. FashionMenswear.com, FSBMens.com, and GiovanniMarquez.com has taken this participation to a new level as a rich and appealing interactive destination. When you enter into the world of menswear online, you can shop for fashionable products for yourself and your significant others, learn about opulence, and attain style with men's fashion including: outer-wear, casual wear, formal wear, business wear and our full line of shoes from Paris and Italy. Now, enjoy International Shipping to 150 + countries. Thus, it has always been and will continue to be our mandate to exceed the expectations of our worldwide customer. Giovanni Marquez is a symbol of freshness. We support the nature of online marketing, omni-channel opportunities, and cross-over shopping. Additionally, the unique, splendid, curiously high blend of fabrics, designs, colors, patterns and coordinated looks have made Giovanni Marquez a leader in the industry as powerful today than at any time in our history.If an item can be found in a local department store; we don't carry it. Pushing service, leadership, empathy, quality and innovation to the next level, you can count on Giovanni Marquez @ FashionMenswear to provide you with eternal style and luxury service. As we say to all our customers, "Count Your Compliments as it happened yesterday, it happened today, and it will happen tomorrow."

Giovanni Testi Suits and Jackets

A Giovanni Testi men's suit is what every man needs. The Giovanni Testi collections range from classic, traditional business suits, to trendy, fashionable suits. Giovanni Testi where classic craftsmanship in luxury menswear meets modern, fashion forward sensibilities. The signature Giovanni Testi approach unites the traditional luxury principals of refined Italian tailoring and European materials with the latest innovations in textile trends to introduce inspired designs that stand apart in the typically monotone landscape of men’s suit wear. From subtle to show-stopping, the brand offers unparalleled versatility with styles to fit any occasion and taste. Through this attention to both quality construction and relevant design, Giovanni Testi has captured broad appeal among a wide array of tastemakers – from business executives to tv and film actors, rock stars, hip hop artists and red carpets – yet has continued to focus on making menswear affordable and accessible.Established nearly two decades ago, the Giovanni Testi brand has built a reputation as a trusted expert in mens suiting and luxury apparel. Founded on the idea of making designer quality suits more easily attainable through an uncomplicated and affordable approach, the company quickly grew from a small family business to a distinguished menswear brand.A standout menswear selection, maintain a professional appearance when you shop for a Giovanni Testi men’s suit that can take your style from “looking good” to “looking great”. Great for PROM!

Giovanni Shoes

Giovanni Shoes @ FashionMenswear.com High Quality Fashion Shoes for Men by Giovanni Shoes. Stylish Shoes for the Well-Dressed Man. Giovanni men's shoes and boots are made with exquisite materials by European craftsmen. Giovanni shoes are Italian style leather dress shoes that are all designed in Italy with a style that is sure to get your feet noticed quick. These highly polished leather dress shoes will really shiny on your feet. Giovanni makes Mens fashion shoes that are currently popular in Italy but at an affordable price. Giovanni Shoes offer unique designs and patterns. At FashionMenswear we carry Giovanni shoes, a company who is a leader in producing amazing Men's fashion shoes.The leathers used in Giovanni shoes are high quality calfskin leathers that are highly polished and shine like no ones business. Whether you like to roll with wingtips, cap toes or even 2 tone leather shoes, Giovanni shoes should be on your shopping list. You will love the smooth style of Giovanni Shoes


Inserch / Merc

Founded in the 1980's, Inserch has been creating some of the most innovative men's clothing trends over the past 30 years. Their men's fashion collection is widely recognized for it's finely tailored products that are made for the modern gentlemen. Truly, Inserch represents the fashion-forward individual who desires to remain unique yet stylish with all of their men's style selections. Inserch mens clothing reflects a casual style that is made for the grown man who loves dressing with casual style and flair. The grown man who knows who he is and where he is going. You'll find the leisure styles of Inserch aren't made for wallflowers but for the man who likes to be seen but not make a spectacle of himself. Inserch makes a great selection of all types of stylish leisure grown mens clothing from stylish Linen Suits for Men, shirts and pants as well as 2 piece walking suits out of the very latest fabrics with quality and Italian style in mind. Everything you see with the Inserch label is designed in Italy and features true Italian leisure style and philosophy for men who love looking their best. Inserch clothing has always had a philosophical approach that was dedicated to the grown man who likes to dress classy but fashionable with a casual twist at the same time. You'll find that the styles of clothing like casual blazers, walking sets and leisure suits reflect this dedication. The fabrics used in all of the clothing made by Inserch is not just pleasing to the touch but well made. You will always get great looking clothing when it has the Inserch label inside.

International Laundry

International Laundry has been pushing the boundaries of color, trim, and print with their anything-but-basic button downs. The exceptional tailoring and luxe details of these shirts are essential to every man’s wardrobe. Whether you prefer ombre dyeing, color blocking, or over-stitching, International Laundry offers the perfect shirt for you to transition from the boardroom to the bar in style. Working together to create our Giovanni Marquez line, there are styles that you will only be able to find here at Fashion Menswear. "International Laundry has been pushing the boundaries of color, trim, and print with their anything-but-basic button downs. The exceptional tailoring and luxe details of these shirts are essential to every man’s wardrobe. Whether you prefer ombre dyeing, color blocking, or over-stitching, International Laundry offers the perfect shirt for you to transition from the boardroom to the bar in style. Michel Himy is the designer and founder of the International Laundry line. His boundless energy and experience traveling the fashion capitals of the planet come through in his clever and original men’s shirt designs.With over forty years of experience in the fashion and apparel industry International Laundry has created a look that will get you noticed. While maintaining a commitment to elegance and style, we have not lost sight of quality. Each garment is created using only the finest materials from all over the world. International Laundry has created a lifestyle brand of sportswear consisting of casual short sleeves, classic and stylish long sleeves, elegant sweaters and knitwear, casual blazers, jackets and bottoms. Every detail characterized by impeccable craftsmanship applied to extraordinary materials with a taste for elegance, a passion for color, and close attention to the details that add up to perfection. It is the small details that set us apart. Great styling and quality are not things we take for granted. Whatever part of the world you live in or are travelling to, International Laundry is comfortable and distinctive while offering fashion, style, coloring and weight best suited for you. We believe that when you look your best you are at your best!


Marcello Sport Shirts

Marcello Sport Men's Shirts are an compelling, focused assortment of apparel, targeted to the lifestyles of men. Using excellent fabrics, and paying close attention to details and delivery of an excellent product, they are perfect for dress, casual or in between. Marcello Sport is a Florida-based designer, wholesaler and retailer of fine sportswear for men. They offer a large and diverse collection of sportswear and clothing to fit casual or dressy occasions, with unique designs, exceptional detailing and rich fabrications. Marcello Sport offers a collection of contemporary mens sportswear.Designed and created of the finest European fabrics in our own factories. Product is sourced primarily from Turkey and Italy and are made of the most handsome designs hand-picked for their customers. Marcello Sport is known for their Sport Shirts, Sweaters, Jeans and Tee Shirts, Fine Leather Jackets, Casual and Dress Sport Coats & Slacks as well as Custom Shirts & Clothing. Marcello Sport features a portion of the collection utilizing 80% cotton and 20% microfiber fabrics for easy care and minimal wrinkling in an endless array of colors and styles, all with a coordinated detailing. Uncommon Fashion, Unique impression. Unique, high quality, upscale men's fashions. Only the finest quality fabrics and workmanship. Unique Impression, Impressive Style.


Needle & Stitch

Needle & Stitch Men's Clothing @ FashionMenswear.com, Hand-Tailored Menswear, featuring classics, traditional business suits, trendy evening wear, fashionable suits, custom designed suits, casual wear, walking suits and formal tuxedos. Stitch & Needle caters to the modern man with a love for minimalist, classic style. Their effortlessly clothing line highlights simple silhouettes and color palettes with an up-to-date aesthetic. Build a polished wardrobe that exudes sophistication.All of our products go through the same meticulous process: Needle & Stitch starts with detail-oriented designs combined with careful fabric selection and finish with a comprehensive manufacturing process, handled by experienced tailors committed to high standards of quality. We provide you with great suits that befit you and your lifestyle. Our suits are made from the highest quality fabrics and guaranteed to give you functionality, durability and comfort. Our skilled master tailors handle all of our cutting and sewing, ensuring precision in all production processes and paying attention to the details. Needle & Stitch Menswear.


PYA Patrick Assaraf Knits

PYA Patrick Assaraf men’s shirts are evidence that casual wear need not be sloppy, and luxury clothing need not be exorbitant. Patrick Assaraf is evidence that casual wear need not be sloppy, and luxury clothing need not be exorbitant. The line of luxury basics, designed exclusively by company founder Patrick Assaraf, offers luxury basics for modern gentlemen. From his studio, Assaraf creates timeless, minimalist knits with his signature 30-gauge cashmere, or his ultra-light Zegna Baruffa merino wool. In his hands, even the humble T-shirt is elevated to the sublime with super-soft, slightly stretchy Peruvian cotton. Sometimes the best things in life are the simplest. In 2015 Assaraf launched his e-commerce website, an easily assessable and shop-able portfolio showcasing his luxury Peruvian cotton t-shirt line. Since its founding in 1991, PYA has quietly grown into one of North America's most influential and successful fashion houses, under the energetic leadership of creative director Patrick Assaraf. His newest brand, Patrick Assaraf, a line of luxury basics from cashmere knits to Peruvian cotton stretch T-shirts, is designed by Assaraf himself. Though PYA's brand portfolio is diverse, every label fits into a very specific vision, offering consumers style, quality and unparalleled value. The company continues to evolve every day from its simple roots, but with each new challenge or opportunity, Assaraf's mantra has remained unchanged - perfection.These premium casualwear men’s shirts are made from buttery-soft 30-gauge cashmere, merino wools and Peruvian cotton. Simple in construction, these PYA Patrick Assaraf fashion shirts are the right fit for any man with high standards.


Platini Jeans is a very fashion forward line for the man who is looking for a little something more than the ordinary denim Jean. Platini makes a statement with eye catching pockets, fabrics and designs. Featuring Men's Jeans, Shirts, Knits & fragrance. Platini Menswear for the well-dressed man who wants to stand out from the crowd! Our wide array of tops, bottoms, outerwear, and accessories are sure to make you look like the classic gentleman you are. From sophisticated satin print shirts, to premium denim jeans, to luxurious suits and blazers, and our signature 24K Fragrance - you’ll be looking stylish and comfortable everyday all at an affordable price. When our brothers first started in the retail business 20 years ago, we had trouble keeping up with the demands of our customers for finding pants that were fashionable, comfortable, and still affordable. We decided this was our chance to start our own men’s fashion apparel line where we could provide a wider selection of pants that provided all three of these assets. Our stylish pants for men are designed to make you look and feel your best, while still not draining your pockets. Our trendy men’s jeans and fashion pants are fitted yet still comfortable, giving you the confident look and feel you’ve been searching for. Don’t forget to check out our stylish men’s shorts for those warmer days. Discover our Platini men’s shirts online. Whether you live an active lifestyle or you prefer to keep it cool, we have the right dress and casual shirts for you. Platini Jeans shirts are offered in a wide variety of styles, colors, and patterns to fit your personal style. We find you’ll also enjoy all of our shirts’ casual yet fitted look and feel. Shop our luxurious satin print dress shirts, offered in long and short sleeve style, for a more sophisticated look in or out of the office. Pair our dress shirts for men with pants for a classic look or pair with our premium denim for a more laid-back appearance. Enjoy our wide range of fashion, sport, and casual men’s polo shirts online - the perfect accessory for the classic gentleman. Whether you’re out on the field or at the bar with the boys, you’ll always be looking like the stud you are. Shop our men’s coats and jackets. Don’t sacrifice fashion for the sake of warmth - have both with Platini Jeans. Get the sophisticated and trendy look all at an affordable price. Choose from our wide variety of stylish men’s coats, hoodies, denim jackets, fashion jackets, and PU fashion jackets. No matter the occasion or weather, you’ll be looking sharp and warm in Platini Jeans outerwear.Find men’s belts online at Platini Jeans. Step up your belt game - keep it simple or make a statement in Platini Jeans belts all at an affordable price. With over 30+ styles to choose from, you’ll always have a belt for any event life throws your way.Shop for the perfect men’s blazer online at Platini Jeans. Step out in our luxurious blazers exuding only confidence. Not only are our blazers stylish, but comfortable and affordable as well. Don’t get stuck wearing that uncomfortable and itchy blazer in the back of your closet, try our quality blazers for the ultimate feel and look. Whether you’re leading an important meeting, heading to a special event or just a classy night out on the town - you’ll be turning heads wherever you go. Check out our stylish men’s shoes at Platini Jeans. From the workplace, to the coffeehouse, to running errands around the city, you’ll never skip a beat in our original footwear collection. Shop our large variety of dress and casual shoes in over 45 styles and colors today. Don’t leave the house in that itchy, out-of-date suit in the back of your closet any longer. With Platini Jeans you can enter the event or office space feeling stylish and comfortable, all at an affordable price. Our men’s formal wear was designed by men for men, so we know exactly what you need. Shop for men’s suits online at Platini Jeans. We craft our suits using only the highest quality fabrics - so you can always look and feel your best. Whether you’re heading to a black tie affair, wedding, or work, you’ll always be dressed to impress in our signature Platini Jeans suits. Check out our large collection of women’s and kids fashion clothing and accessories as well! Stay comfy and fashionable all season long in our women’s Platini Jeans outerwear. Keep warm in our fleece sets and our classic women’s coats online, all at an affordable price. Don’t forget you can buy clothes for your kids at Platini Jeans too! Keep them looking sharp and stylish this season in our Platini Jeans long and short sleeve tops, bottoms, shoes, and outwear - just like you. Like father, like son, right? Discover the latest men's clothing and accessories online with Platini Jeans, including shirts, polo shirts, pants and coats. Stay looking sharp in Platini Jeans.


RIA Sandals

RIA sandals are handmade in Spain, using cow leather throughout the whole shoe (upper and bottom, as well as ankle straps). They are made with the softest leather so you can use them straight away without any need to 'wear them in' - you will see no blisters or skin rubs. We've tried and tested this thoroughly. These sandals are supportive, and have light flexible yet very durable soles, & they age really well. It's practically impossible to wear the soles out. It all started in 1947 at the hands of Bartolomé Truyol who, after much work and effort, ensured that Ria Menorca became one of the biggest brands that makes sandals from Minorca. And now, after over 65 years in the footwear business, this brand is led by Carlos Truyol Serra, which was able to follow his father footsteps and worked with him side by side during many years to learn more about the industry. For those who still don’t know, menorquinas, or avarcas, are a type of shoes known for having a leather upper, with a strap behind the heel and a rubber sole underneath. Before, this rubber sole was made of recycled tyres, but now it is made of more resistant and light rubber. However, in Ria Menorca sandals you can still see that the pattern underneath is similar to a tyre pattern, in order to keep tradition alive. With this simple concept of menorquinas, this Spanish brand innovated it in order to reach the most number of people with its stylish and elegant shoes, which are also simple and comfortable at the same time. As an example of this, you can find Ria Menorca sandals with wedge soles, something that is brand is pioneer of. Furthermore, its shoes are known for impeccable laser finishes.Another aspect that differentiates this brand from others is the back strap, since it is able to hold your heel to perfection and without falling, mainly due to two reasons. On one hand, thanks to the shape of its curvature and, on the other hand, due to the material used, which is natural rubber. Hence, you can be sure that you will always have a secure walk! And now you can find these wonderful sandals at FashionMenswear.com.


Steven Land

Shop the entire Steven Land Collection now at www.fashionmenswear.com - Steven Land Suits, French Cuff Dress Shirts, Dress Shoes, Ties, Accessories and More! At Fashionmenswear, the Steven Land Collection is always on Sale because we are one of the Largest Steven Land Retailers in the Country. Steven Land offers a range from both business and casual wardrobe choices. Notably, Steven Land has become to be synonymous with bold, trend-setting high fashion for men. Men who dress to make a statement turn to the Steven Land Lifestyle. With the company’s in-house artists and designers creating the fabrics as well as the garments, the unique Steven Land clothing line covers the full range of everything mens fashion for almost any occasion. Therefore, Steven Land gives every man an array of choices that will not only make him look good and feel great, but it will turn heads wherever he goes. To shop FashionMenswear's Steven Land collection is a one-of-a-kind experience since we eat, breathe and live to help our clients sculpt their image. That’s why we recommend that you take a moment to sift through our state-of-the-art Steven Land apparel and accessories and add a little character to fashion-forward closet. Without compromising our founding principles of unmatched luxury, responsible pricing, timeless collections and personalized shopping experience, our Steven Land collection is bursting with the liveliest vibrance and unique flair of personality. Don’t believe us? Just look at all that color, texture, individuality and pure originality. We strongly believe that every gentleman should own elements of the Steven Land collection within their wardrobe. After all, it adds a little character to your wardrobe and a whole lot of character to your overall appearance. Which is why a lush, patterned tie, a pastel fedora or an elegant pair leather shoes would be the perfect addition to your modern-day look. That's because this designer truly embellishes flattering style, poise and sophistication...and you can too!

Suslo Couture

Suslo Couture @ FashionMenswear.com SUSLO began to expand their product line by offering more than just designer shirting. Styling began to be focused on the company's initial moto "STATEMENT MAKERS". To ensure when a man puts on the s SUSLO brand they will not only feel unique but stand out in a fashionable crowd. ​ They continue to reinvest and capitalize their partnerships, giving them and their factories a leading edge in the market place. SUSLO has been praised and recognized by many in the industry for their foresight, on time deliveries, and Fashion Forward thinking. Today our styling team has produced over 3,500 unique SUSLO Shirts. They innovate everyday to find the latest trends to make sure our clients are dressed for the part.Signature Suslo Couture design detail accents include contrast top-stitching, inverted box pleats, rivets, double-buttons, and modern cuff and collar treatments, along with contrast button holes and edges woven with a hip, fresh contrast fabric. These elements make Suslo Couture the ideal choice for today's trendiest man at any age.


Men's Fashion Suits by STATEMENT @ FashionMenswear.com PASSION FOR FASHION: Creativity, originality, flexibility and commitment are characteristices of STATEMENT's strength and passion for excellence. Statement dress tuxedos are colorful stylish paisley fashion tuxedos and Prom Suits that are great alternatives for your traditional style tuxedo. When, you want to wear something unique and colorful with paisley for a Prom, Homecoming or Red Carpet event and want to look stylish. You will look different from the rest of the crowd. They also make great Wedding Suits for Men if style counts. Statement tuxedos are designed in Italy and it's readily apparent that the designers took their time and created the right colorful styles and fashion the first time. Their attention to detail allows the man to exhibit his personal fashion style in a way that wearing an ordinary tuxedo or Prom suit seems to shun. You'll find that the fit and fine paisley and patterned fabric that Statement uses in their dress suits is fine quality with nothing less than Super 150s weave fabric chosen for all of their finely Italian styled dress suits. STATMENT offers a vast selection of Modern, Traditional, & Classic suits and tuxes. Statement Clothing has its reputation in men’s fashion by using only the finest quality fabrics and patterns, with a large selection of styles & designs. The patterns are studied and modified every season to follow the constantly changing trends and to make sure they fit perfectly.

Steve Harvey Suits

Steve Harvey Suits are a total reflection of style of a certain comedian with a captivating smile and an unmistakable sense of suit style. Steve Harvey was approached by a suit manufacturer to make a line of suits with the Steve Harvey label that represented the unflappable wide leg style that Steve Harvey loves being seen wearing especially with Alligator Shoes. Steve Harvey, being a lover of wide leg suits, said yes without hesitation and Steve Harvey Suits brand was born. The Steve Harvey suits collection have cutting edge style with wide leg pants that are simply not for the boardroom. With an attention to fashion detail that you don't seem to find on other brands, they are very stylish and not for the conservative minded. Our Steve Harvey Suits collection found online are made of fine fabrics and are impeccably stitched. Steve Harvey suits have become a fashion suit synonym sort of the way Kleenex has become a name for tissues. Pretty much any Men's fashion suit featuring a full cut jacket with different fashion features and wide leg pants are referred to as a Steve Harvey Suit. You may know him as a comedian or the movies he's been in, but more likely, you know Steve Harvey from television. He hosts Family Feud, The Steve Harvey Show, and more. You could see Steve Harvey everyday on TV if you wanted to. It may come as no surprise then that he now has his own clothing line. One of the best places to find a large selection of his clothing line is on mensusa, one of the best websites for all of your professional clothing needs. As a television personality, Steve Harvey had to connect with the viewers and the people he had on his shows. He showed up for work every day and was dressed professionally by a stylist from the show. What we may not have seen is that Steve Harvey had his own sense of style and didn't necessarily need the help of a stylist. The wide-legged pants of his suits became so iconic to his look, that suits with that style of pants are referred to as Steve Harvey suits. Something many other television personalities certainly cannot claim. From his own sense of style and working in television, it may then come as no surprise to find that Steve Harvey developed a line of clothing for both men and women that imitated his personal style and feel for the everyday clothing. When you look at his clothing line in general, it is apparent that these clothes are for the working man and women, giving them something professional, but also something that has a little flair to it to keep the day from being too boring. Not to mention, these aren't just for the office. What you may notice is that these are not your typical suits. There are many suits with vests that match the jacket, while the tie is some color combination that pairs well with it. He is not afraid to push the style conventions out the window and opt for something different, something new, something we wouldn't expect. The suits are modern and formal, but casual enough that you could wear them out to dinner. Though they aren't for the boardroom, these wide-legged suit designs are a staple of Steve Harvey's own style as the comedian has come to be known for. The attention to detail helps these suits stand out from all the others in a world where it is incredibly easy to simply fit in. Fitting in is not in the vocabulary of Steve Harvey as his suit collection reflects Steve's sense of style and knack for being different.

Stacy Adams Shoes

Men who appreciate personal style look to Stacy Adams as a means to effortlessly express themselves. By staying in touch with their roots, Stacy Adams continues to provide a fashion-forward perspective that is rich in history. Stacy Adams is a lifestyle brand for Men's Shoes & Men's Suits- designing quality clothing, accessories and shoes for distinguished gentlemen who know true style. Each season, Stacy Adams offers a collection of time-honored Men's Shoes & Men's Suits. Founded in 1875 in Brockton, Massachusetts by William H. Stacy and Henry L. Adams, the Stacy Adams Shoe Company has long been a part of American Culture. Stacy Adams Shoe Company has been through the test of time - from the roaring 20's and post-war boom, to prohibition and the jazz era. Despite the decade, Stacy Adams has always combined comfort and style to assist men who want to set trends, not chase them. Men who appreciate personal style look to Stacy Adams as a means to effortlessly express themselves. By staying in touch with our roots, Stacy Adams continues to provide a fashion-forward perspective that is rich in history. As time passed, Stacy Adams became more than just shoes. Stacy Adams is a lifestyle brand - designing quality clothing, accessories and shoes for distinguished gentlemen who know true style. Each season, Stacy Adams builds a collection of time-honored dress shoes, sleek boots, cutting-edge sneakers, statement-making dress clothes, and bold accessories.


Tiglio Collection

TIGLIO is a collection of superbly tailored Italian men’s clothing, using the finest fabrics from fine European mills, to create a perfect balance between modern European trends and the traditions of master tailors of Italy. The TIGLIO design team, based in Firenze, constantly searches for new ideas that combine the luxurious fabrics developed exclusively for TIGLIO with elegant new designs. Every garment is produced with great attention to the smallest details, starting from the comfortable fit of the garment, the shape, and on to the accessories used to give the finishing touches. The TIGLIO collection is divided into six distinct categories: TIGLIO LUXE: Luxuriously updated classic suits, formalwear, sport jackets, slacks, and dress shirts for the consumer with discriminating taste. Since the introduction of this collection, it has become a huge hit among our retailers. All items in this collection are tailored in modern European fit, and many of them are available as in-stock programs. TIGLIO LUXE SLIM FIT: Our newest addition in the growing Tiglio collection, all suits , tuxedos and jackets in this category are made in the Slim Fit model. Unique fabrics, unique lining treatments, and most of all, the slimming effect of these garments, have made this collection an instant success. TIGLIO ROSSO: Luxury meets High Fashions, this collection is updated on a seasonal basis, always offering the newest models, and the freshest design of fabrics. The Tiglio Rosso collection consists mostly of three piece suits and vests, and mostly in the wide leg fits, and always conveys the feel of a custom made garment. TIGLIO SPORT: Tiglio Sport shirts have beautiful details such as contrast cuffs and collars, contrast ribbons on the plackets, and roll up sleeves. Tiglio sport shirts are crafted in a modern European fit using luxurious and light weight Italian fabrics and come in a variety of patterns and colors. CANALETTO: Luxurious suits and sport jackets made from the finest fabrics in the world such as Reda, Vitale Barberis and Guabello. We also offer Italian made dress shirts and sports shirts with fabrics from Monti and Canclini. CLOTH BY ERMENEGILDO ZEGNA: We are proud to offer a full line of suits and sport jackets, crafted with Cloth by Ermenegildo Zegna. These suits and jackets are available both as in stock, and on seasonal basis.

Tulliano Knits

Whether you want to wear it alone or layered under your favorite blazer in either a casual or formal setting, Tulliano Knit Shirts are perfect for the Contempory Fashion Forward guy. We think its the perfect weight for all climates, almost year-round, and once you discover your favorite Tulliano style---you will want several colors! Tulliano sweaters are what fine silk knit sweaters are all about because they specialize in making only fine gauge silk blend shirts and sweaters. These are the type of fine gauge sweaters that are perfect for wearing with dress pants or even under a suit jacket or blazer. Tulliano silk blend sweaters are made of a silk/cotton knit that is simply luxurious to the touch. So, if you want to step up your grown man style in menswear, Tulliano is a brand that needs to be in your wardrobe. Nice and Lightweight.....Perfect worn alone or as a layering piece......for casual or business casual wear....for the Contemporary or the Traditional guy. We think its the perfect weight for all climates.....almost year-round.....and once you discover your favorite Tulliano style---you will want several colors.


Verse 9 Collection

Verse 9 men’s ties enhance a man’s self-esteem and self-image. Imagination and creativity define the Verse 9 men’s fashion brand and the extraordinary colors, big knot and extra thickness make these men’s ties make them one of a kind. “Wear Verse 9 ties every day” and plant a new self-image of yourself in the world. VERSE 9 is dedicated to promoting self-image and individual style. Our neckties are the crossroad of rich colors, intricate prints, quality fabrics and stylish innovations. VERSE 9, established in 1999, was founded by Baltimore native, Maurizio Wade. Our CEO designs each product with our customer's needs in mind. Multiple times a year we release necktie and bow tie collections which include over 200 ties. The prints and designs are hand-selected by our CEO, Maurizio Wade. Each tie style has an individual name that correlates with the theme of the collection. We pride ourself in our 100% silk woven ties, bow ties and ascots. Our ties are 7-Fold, meaning they have no silk lining. The fabric is both on the inside and outside, adding weight and dimension to our products.Originality and Innovation:VERSE 9 ties are one-of-a-kind and will catch the eyes of those around you due to their bright color pigmentation and intricate print designs. Our artistic approach to neckwear puts a twist on traditional formal wear conventions.


All of the elements of a great suit in are in Vitarelli men's suit. Luxurious and breathable, the fit of a Vitarelli suit is impeccable. All Vitarelli suits have a modern fit that is comfortable yet fashionable. Shop a Vitarelli suit and experience the quality craftsmanship that all menswear should attain. We create the latest trends in men’s formal fashion with highest level of quality fabric and workmanship at the best price possible. Each and every Suit, Dress Shirt, Sports Jacket, and Pants are carefully crafted to fit the modern man. Elegantly crafted suits for all occasions. Vitarelli strives to bring you the best affordable and most fashionable suits in the industry carefully selecting quality fabric, colors, and styles.We create the latest trends in men’s formal fashion with highest level of quality fabric and workmanship at the best price possible.

Vanucci Socks

No outfit is complete without the right socks, which is why every guy needs to know about Vannucci socks, with their refined styles and luxurious feel. Though they look like fancy socks from an upscale department store, Vannucci socks are actually incredibly affordable. Vanucci offers fashionable men's dress socks that you can wear for important events as well as everyday activities. Vannucci dress socks for men are great when you want to add some sock flair to the occasion. You'll discover hard to find solid colors like red socks, purple socks, and pink socks in this collection. Vannucci also makes classic argyle socks for men in a range of colors from basic black to purple, yellow, and more. These dress socks are great for weddings-let your groomsmen's socks match the bridesmaids dresses. Bored with your office wardrobe? Wear bright colorful socks. Fun dress socks are an easy way to liven up the day. Vanucci Couture Socks for Men are a great for all shoe style styles. Featuring soft, fabric and a hand looped toe, these socks provide great comfort.